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Model: UW-10736
Divers flag 33cm x 40cm (approx 13" x 16")..
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Model: UW-8214
Built for minimum drag in the water this double bladder torpedo float is equipped with six D rings - three on each side and one on the front side for the towing line. The straps located on the bottom side are designed to secure the Imersion line holder. Delivered with dive flag and floating line wit..
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Model: UW-10750
First-ever buoy to feature a built-in flag, it is fitted with a specially designed casing for the line that prevents the line from tangling up and makes it possible to adjust its length as a function of how deep you want to go. Weights are built into its structure to ensure stability even in rough ..
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Model: UW-10754
Professional lifting bags with a loading capacity of 1000 kg. Rings are made of high strength galvanized steel. Material: high-density PVC, with high-quality welding. Blow valve and excellent excess air vent valve...
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Model: UW-12147
Buoy with high strength PVC outer protection. Ideal for securing the rifle and has minimal friction when moving. Mesh bottom ensures maximum smoothness of the buoy on the water. Large sleeve pocket, allows you to carry items and spare parts. SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions: 80x30x15 cm. Bellows Utility po..
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Model: UW-8562
The underwater elastic bungee for attaching a buoy to a diver or shotgun is very popular among professional underwater hunters. Provides increased safety and comfort. There is no need to carry a bunch of ropes or floating tubes, everything will be replaced by a latex buoyrep. You can unfasten your ..
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