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Regulators Octopus and spare parts

Model: UW-14360
Set regulator LEGEND SUPREME ACD DIN + octopus LEGEND Legend Supreme ACD is the version of the Legend regulator for use in cold conditions. The Legend LX Supreme ACD is easily recognizable by a snowflake engraved on the machine case and a silver titanium pressure ring. In addition to the basic char..
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Model: UW-12161
Both the second stage and the special octo-elements are made of technopolymer and elastomers. The second stage is equipped with a shut-off diaphragm system and a plunge/pre-dive control lever.The check valve is an asymmetric design, and Seac claims this allows the valve to be opened as much as possi..
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Model: UW-12157
Provides reliable breathing in tough conditionsBalanced 2nd stage is lightweight with low friction mechanics for effortless natural breathing2nd Stage Venturi ControlDeveloped from environmentally sustainable technopolymers, elastomers and ultra-light alloys over many yearsInnovative, avant-garde de..
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Model: UW-12167
Second stage regulator SEAC X100 Octopus.The X 100 second stage is a simple and robust valve design made from technopolymers, elastomers, with ultra light alloy components for long life and durability.The second stage is equipped with a pre-dive venturi switch to prevent the second stage from free-f..
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Model: UW-12142
The new balanced, metal-adjustable second stage features an innovative and avant-garde design for flawless performance and maximum breathing comfort.Second stage material: technopolymers, elastomers with metal components coated with "Luxury Technology" to resist abrasion and scratches.Features of th..
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