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Model: UW-17239
High pressure manometer Aqua Lung AqalungDiving pressure gauge. Designed to control the air pressure in the tank at the time of diving. The maximum working pressure of the manometer is 300 bar. In accordance with the EN 250 standard, the pressure gauge scale is graduated from 0 to 360 bar (i.e. ..
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Model: UW-17246
High pressure manometer Aqua Lung AqualungManometer in metal housing with Aqua Lung thermometerFeatures:up to 350 bar fluorescent screen built-in thermometer up to 50% compatible with Nitrox shockproof bourdon tube safety valve hose length 90 cm..
Ex Tax:70.25€
Model: UW-12266
High pressure hose BCD Hose 67 cmlength 67cm..
Ex Tax:31.63€
Model: UW-17252
400 bar dimensions: Ø 45 × 20 mm body: polished chrome-plated brass glass: scratch resistant plastic thread: 7/16 holder: nylon with stainless steel block hose: XTREME MIFLEX HP 80 cm certification: EN250..
Ex Tax:70.25€
Model: UW-17270
300 bar pressure gauge conforming to EN 250, graduated at 10 bar intervals, with reserve zone indication Graduated 10-degree compass with rotating head and side reading window..
Ex Tax:90.91€
Model: UW-17276
Graduated depth gauge at one meter intervals up to a maximum of 65 m with a rear arrow for maximum depth and simple reset 300 bar pressure gauge conforming to EN 250, graduated at 10 bar intervals, with reserve zone indication..
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Model: UW-12195
This console has an internal scroll gauge, depth gauge and compass.The model is distinguished by its design, simple and at the same time very convenient to use. The console does not take up much space, which has a positive effect on the convenience of diving, as well as during transportation. Data f..
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Model: UW-17282
The CRESSI SUB two-gauge console, consisting of a depth gauge and a pressure gauge, provides all the depth, pressure and direction information you need for a safe dive.Pressure gauge scale - from 0 to 350 bar. The depth gauge scale is from 0 to 70 meters. Thanks to its ergonomic design and the h..
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Model: UW-17264
Cressi Console - Depth and Pressure Gauge (PSI)..
Ex Tax:103.31€
Model: UW-17289
Miniconsole 3 is a console version that includes three devices. A compass is added to the back of the console where the depth gauge is located.Here, too, all devices are located in relation to each other at such an angle that it is easy to read data from each of them.Mini pressure gaugeT..
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Model: UW-12204
DIN/INT Adaptor...
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Model: UW-17639
High pressure hose (for pressure gauge)..
Ex Tax:21.49€
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