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Diving Training Course

IANTD  and PADI programs please contact ¬+37126319859
After gradustion you will receive a certificate

Open Water Diver  theory and practice course                          300,00eu        one pool visit 50,00eu

– Advanced Open Water Diver theory and practice course     300,00eu         one pool visit 35,00eu

– Diver First Aid theory and practice course                               300,00eu         one pool visit 35,00eu

The very first diving course for beginners will provide the skills and know ledge required to become truly comfortable underwater ensuring safe recreational diving. Furthermore, internationally recognized diver certification card provides an opportunity to dive in a Dive Center worldwide!

Up-to-date training materials and an experienced instructor from underwater will make your diving experience fun and enjoyable, while the flexible schedule will allow you to choose the most convenient time both on weekdays and on weekends.

Diving is an activity that invites you into a truly incredible and completely different world, here you are weightless and can move in all three dimensions… This is the perfect opportunity to see the amazing underwater world with variety of inhabitants with your own eyes, to explore shipwrecks and touch the history, to dive into underwater caves and under the ice, to see the world with open eyes.

All you need is to go through diving courses at underwater and become an independent diver to make it all happen. Currently there are plenty of training systems, we deal with IANTD, which covers almost all aspects of diving and has gained recognition over the years for both training and safety standards in diving.

Undoubtedly, the quality of training is mostly dependent on the competence of instructors but not on the training system only. Take a course with us and you are guaranteed to receive an individual approach in a friendly atmosphere, comprehensive knowledge and skills required according to the level of a particular course. After successful completion of a course, our students become good divers, thus, we will not be ashamed of the way they’d dive in any part of the world in the future. Upon completion of a course you receive Diver Certificate plastic card with a personal number assigned and recorded in the IANTD database. This is pretty convenient, since in case of your card is forgotten at home, at any resort of the world in any diving center any instructor can easily check your certification level in a computer just entering your first and last name. IANTD certificates are recognized worldwide; in turn, you can find a diving center at any resort easily.

Some people ask: “Why do I need any training? We’re not going anywhere abroad, moreover, no one’d ask for a diver certificate in local water bodies”. I wonder if they’d sit behind the wheel of a car not being able to drive it. During your diving course, you’ll be familiarized with the operation and maintenance of diving equipment, with factors affecting divers underwater and possible diving emergencies. Regardless of qualifications and experience, we should never forget that underwater world is a completely different world, thus, a diver must be able to handle wide range of emergencies to succeed in preventing fatality when diving in the water column.

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