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Spearfishing Training Course

Spearfishing Training Course Every week you can sign up for courses phon +37126319859

theory and practice course   300,00eu
Or one pool visit                      40,00eu

Open Water Free Diver
theory and practice course  300,00eu
Or one pool visit                     40,00eu

Advanced Free Diver
theory and practice course    350,00eu
Or one pool visit                      30,00eu

Master Free Diver
theory and practice course    400,00eu
Or one pool visit                       35,00eu

  • spearfishing safety rules and provision of first medical aid to yourself and others
  • familiarization with diving equipment and ability to equip yourself with the right dive kit
  • understanding of the environment and diving techniques
  • underwater swimming and fishing techniques
  • use of the spearfishing gear
  • use of watercrafts for spearfishing
  • underwater fishing legislation in Latvia and other states
  • self-study and training guidelines to spearfishing

Trainings are held in both swimming pool and open water sites, in addition to theory session in the classroom. Knowledge of snorkelling, spearfishing, free diving, first medical aid and water rescue techniques are used for training.

There is also an opportunity to join ‘caiman zmk’ club or our group on Facebook ‘underwater Latvia ‘.

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Spearfishing is a popular underwater sport that is widely recognized and practiced in many countries. Underwater fishing is the process of tracking, stalking and catching the fish through observing from above water surface, diving on breath-holding and shooting fish underwater with a speargun.
Use of Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (SCUBA) is strictly prohibited. Spearfishing while using SCUBA equipment is considered poaching and illigal in almost all countries of the world.

Spearfishing requires a combination of specialized knowledge and skills. A spearfisher should be familiar with the techniques like how to hold your breath underwater, how to use a speargun, should know habits and characteristics of fish and spearfishing tactics. Knowledge must be also accomponied with skills until they’re entirely automatic. Furthermore, since spearfishing is done by divers holding their breath, a spearfisher must stay in good health and fit by regular exercise and physical activity, as well as, develop ability to tolerate prolonged apnea. Spearfishing can be carried out both in shallow waters and at greater depths. Some experienced spearfishers may be able to hunt at depths up to 30-50 meters and hold breath for up to 3 minutes in dynamic.
There are different types of weapons used in spearfishing. It definitely requires some prior knowledge and practice of how to operate the weapon to ensure safe handling. Safety precautions must be observed when using a speargun. Remember that this is not only a sport equipment, but also dangerous weapon and should be respected as such.
Since spearfishing activities are directly linked to human impact on marine ecosystem, it is highly critical to respect the rules while hunting, as well as, demonstrate consciousness and humanity:
– kill as many fish as you can eat;
– do not fish when the spawn is on;
– you can fish only for those fish species which are permitted for harvesting, not listed in the present Red List or other environmental documents;
– catch adult fish only complying with minimum size limits, never touch juveniles;
– allow fish populations to recover, do not hunt constantly in the same waters.
You should not kill for the sake of killing. Such hunting is commonly condemned.
The activities of underwater hunters are regulated by the “Rules of amateur and sport fishing”, as well as by regulatory acts.

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