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Model: UW-18363
2 cylinders in a row (Smooth operation and high power) Lightweight (Lightest engines in its class; easy to transport and install.) Manual start on electric start models (All electric start models are also equipped with a manual start, which gives you an extra feeling of confidence.) Starter Mixtu..
Ex Tax:1,900.83€
Model: UW-18378
'- Completely new design - Steering remote control motor - Starting system - electric starter - Change the engine oil without leaks (tilt and turn the engine with the drain plug down) - Water separating fuel filter - Low noise and vibration, high reliability and cost-effectiveness Electric sta..
Ex Tax:2,987.60€
Model: UW-18384
Outboard motor Mercury F 25 M EFI is a model of quality, power and high efficiency. Since it is equipped with the latest systems in the form of an electronic unit that controls the fuel dosage, load size, engine temperature and pressure in the intake manifold. This allows the outboard motor to use f..
Ex Tax:4,016.53€
Model: UW-18391
'- Equipped with cargo gear and electric start - EFI batteryless electronic fuel injection provides easy starting and fuel economy. - Low gear ratio provides traction and maneuverability required for large boats - CDI system with electronic ignition timing control, provides high voltage for confi..
Ex Tax:5,210.74€
Model: UW-18317
The Mercury F4M outboard motor is an outboard four-stroke engine with manual start, suitable for small boats, inflatable and with a rigid hull, up to 320 cm in length. To operate it, you do not need a license and registration, as well as an annual inspection at GIMS.- Automatic decompression sys..
Ex Tax:825.62€
Model: UW-18396
'- Stainless steel and aluminum alloy assemblies prevent water damage to the motor and prevent excessive corrosion - Guardian engine protection - always warns about problems - Large displacement and improved MPI fuel injection provide outstanding acceleration, instant planing and smooth operation ..
Ex Tax:5,396.69€
Model: UW-18357
'- Automatic decompression system significantly reduces effort when starting the engine - Unique multifunctional tiller. - The gear shift lever (forward - neutral - reverse) is located on the side of the motor - Compactness and light weight - Exhaust passes through the propeller hub, making the ..
Ex Tax:1,111.57€
Model: UW-18372
Quiet operation and high torque allow you to get the boat on planing faster and provide best-in-class acceleration, top speed and handling comfort. Ideal choice for aluminum tiller boats, soft inflatable boats, punt boats or sailing boats. The new Big Tiller tiller system will be equally comfortabl..
Ex Tax:2,619.83€
Model: UW-18296
Outboard MERCURY F2.5MH engine is an environmentally friendly four-stroke engine. Reliability, small size, weight of only 18 kilograms are the main advantages. The Mercury is easy to carry, thanks to the handle on the top of the hull, it can be transported in a car and can be installed on a boat by ..
Ex Tax:623.97€
Model: UW-18302
Mercury F3.5 M four-stroke outboard engineManufacturer: Mercury Country of origin: USA Weight: 18.40 kgThe four-stroke outboard engine Mercury F3.5 M is a new engine model, it differs from the 2.5 model in increased power: 2.57 kW / h.Mercury F3.5 M four-stroke boat engine: Patented i..
Ex Tax:669.42€
Model: UW-18307
Safety - over 70 years of experience in boat motor manufacturing, anti-corrosion coating, discharge ignition (CDI) provides greater safety and easy starting, increased maneuverability and fuel economy. Ride Quality - 4 ramps for easy access to low water levels, the Vibro valve control handle ensure..
Ex Tax:756.20€
Model: UW-18326
Safety - over 70 years of experience in boat motor manufacturing, anti-corrosion coating, discharge ignition (CDI) provides greater safety and easy starting, increased maneuverability and fuel economy.Gaitas kvalitāte - 4 noliekšanas pozīcijas nodrošina vieglu pieeju pie vietām ar zemu ūdens līm..
Ex Tax:917.36€
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