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James Baroud Discovery XL

James Baroud Discovery XL
James Baroud Discovery XL
James Baroud Discovery XL
James Baroud Discovery XL
James Baroud Discovery XL
James Baroud Discovery XL
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James Baroud Discovery XL
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  • for 2 adults and 2 children
  • mattress size 160 cm x 224 cm
  • open height 140 cm

Built on the concept of the shell opening, the James Baroud Discovery is the fastest of our models in terms of opening and easiest to close. Compared to other tents on the market, it has the best waterproofness and the best wind resistance. The tent opens in less than 15 seconds, through two hydraulic cylinders. It can be closed by only one person and in less than 1 minute. Large windows around the tent increase air flow and provide a 180º view.

 XL with 160x224cm.


It’s all automatic - you can open and close the tent easily thanks to built-in hydraulic cylinders and articulated arms on the inside of the tent.


You will find a High Density Mattress with a cover inside the roof top tent. It’s so comfortable you will feel like home in your own bed.


We travel to get excited by the spectacular views and that’s what you get when you open your roof top tent. Large parts of the tent fabric can be opened providing us a 180º or 360º view - one of the greatest features that James Baroud tents are known for.


There’s a built-in solar-powered fan in every James Baroud tent to provide fresh air. It helps to prevent condensation and avoid humidity. The solar fan is super silent, you can switch it on and off when needed.


You can use a storage net on the upper part of the interior to leave your belongings when the tent is opened.

There is enough space to leave your sleeping bags or blankets inside the tent when it’s closed, such as pillows and sleeping clothes. The ladder must be left inside as well.


The hard shells of the James Baroud tents are made of GRP - glass fibre reinforced plastic and finished with gelcoat. There is built in thermal insulation into the bottom shell that reduces condensation. The tents are equipped with dust filters that improve the ventilation inside the tent.


High quality tent fabric has been produced by the custom order of James Baroud to make the roof top tents 100% water and windproof to survive the extreme weather. It’s UV light resistant, air permeable and dirt-repellent. The fabric is connected to the roof shells with a circumferential piping rail and can be changed easily if damaged.


The tent can’t open accidentally thanks to the James Baroud lock system. To open it you need to firmly press both sides of the mechanism and pull it up. You can add a padlock key and keep valuables safe inside a tent.


The adjustable telescopic aluminium ladder comes with all James Baroud tents. The ladder is safe to use barefoot and it’s locked into special brackets attached to the sides of the tent. It comes with a protective cover to be transported inside the tent.


Included 6 mounting brackets in a stable 8 mm design with a clear width of 40 mm for square bars. Optionally 80 mm brackets for aluminium bars.


There is a LED indoor light that is made as a removable rechargeable flashlight. You can attach the flashlight to the metal surfaces with a strong built in magnet.


All James Baroud roof top tents have a TÜV Certificate. It ensures that products have been tested for safety and that it complies with the requirements of national, regional and international regulations.

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