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Diving Equipment Repair

Repair and maintenance of equipment

Dear owners of regulators and compensators, as well as other equipment for underwater life support systems!

Remember that your diving equipment is subjected to loads and harsh environments during and after use. Timely maintenance of your equipment will allow you to delight you with its excellent work for many years, as well as save you money. If maintenance is not done on time, even with replacement of all consumables and proper cleaning of equipment, your equipment may not show the same excellent performance and functionality.

Mūsu mājaslapa izmanto sīkdatnes, lai uzlabotu Jūsu lietošanas pieredzi un mēs izprastu Jūs kā mūsu lapas apmeklētājus. Turpinot lietot mūsu mājaslapu, Jūs piekrītat mūsu mājaslapas lietošanas noteikumiem!