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Underwater services

We offer search for items under water with the help of professional divers and a metal detector up to 60 meters deep. Search underwater work can be divided into two ways.

1. Search with a metal detector - a ring, bracelet, chain, watch that fell into the water. Everyone experienced this feeling of resentment and disappointment when, after bathing, they did not find valuable things on themselves. Only with the help of special equipment and experienced scuba divers can you find the lost jewel.

2 visual search is required for larger items such as a drone, video camera, rod, boat or car.

Underwater specialists will perform underwater work of any complexity.

Diving work

- prospecting underwater work

- video and photo filming, visual observations and research

-mounting and dismantling of various structures and objects

-in engineering research

- when cleaning surfaces from fouling with a variety of marine plants and mollusks

- in the construction of underwater structures;

- during rescue operations.

-Scientific diving - underwater research.

Underwater technical diving work is a type of work performed by specialists during the inspection, construction and repair of underwater parts of hydraulic structures, laying pipelines, cables and other communications. They also include dredging, operational maintenance of hydraulic structures, maintenance and cleaning of waterways and water areas.

Ship-lifting diving operations are works that are performed by divers when examining a sunken ship, preparing it for lifting.

Ship repair diving work is a type of work that is performed on ships in order to repair them.

Diving ship works are carried out during inspection, cleaning of the ship's hull from fouling, elimination of damage to the underwater part of the hull and underwater devices of ships in operation.

Emergency diving operations are also rescue operations carried out by divers, the purpose of which is to save people or prevent an environmental disaster.

The cost of services can be clarified by phone +37126319859

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