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Pneumatic srearguns

Model: UW-8497
The Mares Cyrano 1.3 is ideal for hunting new trophies in ravines, rivers and ponds. In the production of enlarged aluminum alloy and hydroforming technology. The trunk has an oval section. This increases pneumatic stability by 20%. Anti-corrosion coating on the barrel prolongs the life of the weapo..
Ex Tax:169.42€
Model: UW-21786
The Cressi Sub SL Star speargun is adapted for hunting in sea water, it is an excellent choice for a spearfisher: light, powerful, compact speargun.The speargun CRESSI-SUB SL STAR is equipped with an anatomical handle that allows you to maneuver without additional effort. The bright yellow handl..
Ex Tax:119.83€
Model: UW-21768
The main advantage of this gun is the maximum displacement of the barrel to the harpoon, which has a very good effect on the accuracy of the shot. The gun without a power regulator of the battle power, has positive buoyancy without a harpoon. In this model, a comfortable rubberized, anatomical han..
Ex Tax:123.96€
Model: UW-8493
The Mares Cyrano 1.1 air rifle is a 2017 novelty, the embodiment of innovative technologies and the tremendous experience of Mares. On the front of the ergonomic Cyrano Blue color handle there are anti-skid ribs with a high coefficient of friction of the side surfaces, ribbing is provided on the sof..
Ex Tax:177.69€
Model: UW-8501
The Jet 40 spear gun model combines ease of use, precision, combat power and maneuverability. An excellent choice for spearfishing in freshwater bodies with poor visibility and dense vegetation. It can also be used as an auxiliary gun when hunting large fish. Suitable for hunters of any skill level...
Ex Tax:100.00€
Model: UW-8505
The Jet 40 javelin combines ease of use, accuracy, combat power and maneuverability. An excellent choice for fishing in freshwater areas with poor visibility and dense vegetation. It can also be used as a secondary shotgun when hunting big fish. Suitable for hunters of all levels.Key design features..
Ex Tax:100.00€
Model: UW-8509
The anatomical handle is made of white plastic, which facilitates the search for guns in troubled waters. The fuse in the form of a bracket is recognized by the underwater hunters as the most convenient and safe (it moves with one finger without re-aiming, eliminates the likelihood of accidentally p..
Ex Tax:105.79€
Model: UW-9392
The Predathor Plus model with the battle force regulator from the Italian brand Salvimar can undoubtedly be called the bestseller among pneumatic submarines on the market.This model is so popular due to its unsurpassed characteristics combined with an acceptable price. The Main advantages of th..
Ex Tax:103.31€
Model: UW-9416
Salvimar Predathor Vuoto rifles are so-called "pneumatic vacuum" rifles. What does it mean? - Unlike a simple pneumatic speargun, an air-vac gun does not receive water when the barrel is loaded, and when fired, the piston only pushes the harpoon, and does not pump a parasitic volume of water, like c..
Ex Tax:140.50€
Model: UW-11910
Slider for 8mm arrows, plastic..
Ex Tax:3.31€
Model: UW-11923
Slider for 8mm arrows, stainless steel..
Ex Tax:8.26€
Model: UW-11899
Slider for an arrow (for a monoline)..
Ex Tax:2.89€
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